Questions about UiPath Pro

Hello, I have a few questions about UiPath pro.

TLDR - Can I please have a run down of what you get with the Pro version as I have read the documentation and need some clarification

It says you get 25 licenses, does this mean we can run 25 different machines with this license? e.g. have 25 users for the pro version?

Do all of the users link via an organisation within orchestrator?

Is there anything else I may need to know about it before buying this?

I have read the pricing here: Automation Pricing - Complete UiPath Enterprise Solution | UiPath but would just like some clarification.

Does this mean we only get one user?

Thank you!

@loginerror @uipath Are you able to help with this or know someone who may?


I guess you need to know about AutomatinCloud - Pro plan. Probably, the following document will help you.

25 is number of AutomationExpresss license. Please check the following document in details.


But does this mean that we can have the software installed on 25 computers?
Or is this fee just for one license of studio to download?


This means as the following.

We can use 25 automation express license. (StudioX and StudioWeb etc for individual use)
And we can use Studio for the quantity we purchased.


But if I purchase the pro version once, do I only get one use of studio to download onto a computer? as for example, we would want to run automations across 10 computers, would we be able to do this with one purchase of pro?


According to the following document, it seems we can purchase Automation Developer at least 1, and maximum 10 per organization and Attended license without upper limit. Please note that this is user license.


So just to clarify, when buying the pro license I am able to install UiPath studio on to 10 different computers with 10 different users?


If you purchased 10 Automation Developer licenses, you can install 10 UiPath Studio to 10 computers for 10 users and connect with AutomationCloud Orchestrator, then use them.


I am just looking to get one pro purchase, how many times will I be able to install studio on how many computers?


It’s named user license and we can use it only if the user connect with AutomationCloud.
So, there is no limit times to install it and number of machines. Just restricted named user.


Studio Pro only provides the New Test Suite and the rest same as @Yoichi explained to you.

you can install one time on the same computer if the computer supports multiple session however you need to config the connection between Studio and Orchestrator through UiPath assistant depending on how many licenses you have.

for example:
you have 1 x Computer with windows server 2016 and you have 2 x Automation Developer Licenses. In this case, you can install Studio one time by selecting Install for all Users on this computer. next, only 2 Users are able to use the Studio simultaneously on the same computer…

or you can do mass deploying following this link


So when using studio pro I can only install one instance of UiPath studio onto one computer? No others on any other computers?

yes, I guess so. By the way, I wonder why your case is so complicated. May I know why?

I think it was just the way my question was conveyed, I just wanted to know how many copies of studio I could download with one pro license

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