A developer met with a rental car company to review their business requirements which takes reservations
from a Microsoft Outlook email box. The company has indicated the following occurs in their application:
1.Login to the rental car company’s desktop application
2.Navigate to the Rental Requests section
3.Get emails from their Microsoft Outlook account
4.Extract data from the current email and add it to the queue
5.For each Queue Item:
-a) Navigate to the Reservations section
-b) Add the booking details into the Reservations section
-c) Close the current reservation and move to a new one
6.Log out and close the company’s application
The developer needs to create a process using the Dispatcher/Performer architecture for the company. Which
steps will be included in the Dispatcher process?

Since the Dispatcher process is the one that usually involves fetching the required input data and uploading it to the queue as a transaction item. So, steps “3-4” would be an apprppriiate answer.