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A developer is building an automation for a rental car company as part of a larger project initiative. The high-level process steps are as follows:

  1. Get emails from the company-wide Reservations Microsoft Outlook Inbox account
  2. Extract the rental reservation data from the current email
  3. Add individual rental reservation data to the Orchestrator queue
  4. Login to the rental car company’s desktop application
  5. For each Queue Item:
    a. Navigate to the Reservations section from the Rental Requests section b. Add the rental reservation data into the Reservations section c. Close the current reservation
  6. Log out and dose the company’s application
    The developer decides to use the Dispatcher/Performer model for the automation. Which steps will be included in the Dispatcher process?

A. 1-3
B. 1-4
C. 4-6
D. 5-6

Hi @Latifa

The answer would be Option A
It will retrieve the mails from Outlook account and extract the rental reservation data from current mail and add it to queue,


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Hi @Latifa

Option A

Getting emails and extract the rental data and add individual reservation data to Orchestrator queue. So, 1-3 steps are Dispatcher

4-6 steps the performer performs the data.

I hope you understand!!

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Think like this whatever needs to happen till adding queue items generally happen in the fispatcher part…So thinking on these lines decide your answer…As you wanted help only in thinking I am not giving you the answer.

Hope this helps


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Hi @Latifa

Option A is correct. Because in dispatcher we will get the information from excel input file or mails would be read and push the data in to the Queues this is the work of Dispatcher.

The data which is pushed to the Queue use by the Performer to do the next operation like entering the data in to the fields like this.

In 1,2 and 3 process steps we are extracting the data from the mails and pushing the data to the Queues in the Orchestrator. Then the answer is Option A.

Hope it helps!!

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@Anil_G LOL,bear with me. English is my 3rd language. You are also know am a hard thinker. Maybe I didn’t know the right word to use.

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