Question regarding RPA Preparation and whether parts should be resolved later

In the business analysis training there is a question

Which implies to me that you shouldn’t avoid areas to speed up the developmental process (because leaving it unticked is the right answer, maybe that’s not what they are implying?).

Then in the RPA_Preparation course there is a document at the beginning of the course RPA_Preparation word document

  1. Development methodology for prioritization

they do some analysis

Example of analysis:
Process1 – 50 FTE total
No exception – 80% - 10 MD
Exception 1 – 10% - 10MD
Exception 2 – 5% - 1MD
Exception 3 – 5% - manual work, no workaround

The first step of the implementation will include the No exception case and Exception 2, gaining 85% FTE (42.5 FTE) with 11 days of effort.

which implies to me that they think that doing the no exception and exception 2 examples are worth pursuing in a cost/benefit relationship whereas the others are not worth doing.

These 2 examples seem to me to be opposite. As far as I’m aware most work is done on a cost benefit basis and in this situation cost = development time, so why is the question in the business analysis quiz marked as it is.


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