Need explanation for this AS IS process details table

So I need to do a Demo presentation about RPA for my company.
I decided to show them Research Copy of Check for Vendor for ACME Systems Inc. from Acme Website (ACME System 1 - Log In, WI2) because it is a good example of how the Robot can interact with both web browser applications and Legacy desktop applications.

My question is about the AS-IS process details table.
On the first reading, it seemed okay, but when I took a closer look, we have 100 Checks per month (or per day?), 15 min per check, and yet we need 10 FTE to support these activities?

Was there a mistake or I am missing something about this?
The picture below shows what I mean if anyone could help me understand this I would be really grateful.


I guess here it mentioned wrong.

No need of 10 FTE if they will process 100 checks per month. It should be per day only.

Yes. but even if there is 100 checks per day that is 1500 minutes / 60 = 25 hours that is 3 FTE right?

I guess I’ll have to measure it my self :smiley:


Yes that also true. Then it should be 1000 checks per day :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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