In img file exist check file path if file exist
when EXIST true popup found do u want to replace then click yes but sometimes click on yes or sometimes not why it is happen

click save button


It’s difficult to say why sometimes it does not work
You can try to put some delay or increase timeout, It could be there was some delay in Click button to get ready

Also from properties you can put Complete instead of Interactive
Also you can put check / uncheck activity if you are using the modern activity

Hope this may help you


how you are checking that it is going to then block or else block?

in the if condition , their is no requirement of giving "EXIT = True " , you can simply give EXIT as it should be already a Boolean value

Use write line to check when it is going to then and else so as to check is it issue from file exists activity or not


after giving delay this error is come


There was some issue in Selector, can you check that
Also check after the delay do the element is still appearing?


No, save button is clicked and gives error