Question on start rpa in uipath orchestrator by a user event

I am new in uipath orchestrator. I have stored a rpa in uipath orchestrator and have a self-created website for user to input information. I want the rpa start its job after user clicking the submit in website. But I do not want to do it by API. Is there any method that can do it easily?

API would be the best option… Have it add a queue item via API, then fire off the RPA Process on that Transaction Item. Other solutions will likely be more “hackish” in nature…

Off the top of my head, you could have the site generate a file on the server after submission, and the machine that hosts the server watches the folder it outputs to (a trigger event), then add an item to a queue with the necessary information from the website that you want in the RPA Process you’ve created. Have the machine that will run the RPA Process watch the queue, once an item is entered into it, have it launch the RPA Process with that Transaction Item.

If you choose not to use the route of an API call, it will likely contain many more fragile moving parts that could easily break in the future. If this is a practice process, then sure it doesn’t matter, but it would still be better to get the practice making an API call to do this.

Something that came out in UiPath Cloud Orchestrator 2019 was Triggers.

This looks like it may meet your requirement if you are able use that version.

Otherwise API calls would be the easiest solution / most secure solution.