Question for SRC_CM_SAP_LOGON_E

Hi anybody here,
I’m new to Uipath and I am trying to use the common parts created by official UIpath,
Now as learning activity, I am trying to create the noob bot, and now stuck at how to use the common part SRC_CM_SAP_LOGON_E

It’s the basic log-on one, but to be honest, i have no idea where/how to input each required prepared argument (such as in_Servername, in_UserID)

I am not sure if it’s ok to input in the Config file? (I use it with the one comes with ReFramework)

I tried looking at the provided manual but found nothing.

Do you guys could please guide me how to use it,
Or if it’s possible, If there is any example of .xaml file is much more appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance!!

Best regards,

need some help. Thanks