Uipath login/logon SAP not working

Hi all,
I just used Uipath to create PR/PO on SAP but impossible to log in to SAP. I tested on both approach UiPath SAP activities and Screen Recorder.

Please give me advice or example.

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Provide more information. Not clear what you are doing, what is not working. Some screenshots would be very beneficial.

“just used UiPath” - what you did? how you did?

Best regards, Lev


Hello @dunglt,

Did you try using Type into activity at least??

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Better only start SAPGUI like this:
sapshcut.exe -user=USERNAME -pw=PASSWORD -system=SID -client=CLIENT-NUMBER

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Hi @LevKushnir,
I use SAP activities for login to SAP but it throw error “not found element…” because I not config sapgui/user_scripting is TRUE, you know I don’t have permission to access RZ11, so is it possible to login by using UI recorder.

Yes, i tried, still not working and can’t find correct element to typing.

HI @dunglt

I would recommend that you will start with this

Completely new SAP Academy course , to help you to learn the automation techniques and the best practices for SAP WinGUI automation

SAP API scripting is must if you want to have stable and reliable automation

Best regards, Lev