Question for Experienced UI Path Developer(Architect level)

Can we automate scraping of Ecommerce website for forever?
Conditions-> we don’t have to modify the code even if any change regarding class of any element , class id , parent id and any tag changes our code will work if this kind of changes occurs no need to modify the code…

share your knowledge about this…
remember changes will occurs in website structure /controls as i mentioned above but condition of modifying code is not available. @badita

Pls answer this question with logical reason thanks

If I understand this question correctly, you are asking if a robot developed in UiPath can scrape data from, for example, Ebay, without ever needing maintenance into perpetuity?

That would be some kind of promised land. All code developed in UiPath would need to be regression tested to take account of changes in target applications and websites.

The most stable method for scraping data would be to utilise APIs if available as these are likely to be more consistent than individual element selectors on the websites front end. However, if you are using these in any business process, you still want to be running regression testing to ensure any changes do not impact your bottom line if they occur.

Do you perhaps envisage an AI bot which can adapt and change with the changes seen in a target application?

does AI bot available in uipath for scraping? For example if price of product is available in a label with class =xyz . in future if the ecommerce website change the price label to

tag or span or change the class of that element then , do my bot still able to get that value without modifying my code?

The main requirement is no modification in code in any case if the classes of html element or tag of html change then bot will work fine . is that possible through uipath scraping? we are getting data from front end we dont have any access to database etc

scraping is based on being able to identify underlying correlation of the data you are targeting. you can use wildcards in certain aspects of your selectors to make them more dynamic and not impacted by changes to the target webpage.

however, you seem to be suggesting an all encompassing AI which can adapt under any changing circumstances. if that exists, let me know please.