Question about triggers

hello everyone,

i have 1 process divided into two solutions: dispatcher and performer.

The dispatcher is scheduled as a time trigger, while the performer I planned to schedule with queue trigger.

The problem is that since it starts once a day, if the dispatcher takes for example 10 minutes to load all the items, the performer would start on the first item loaded.

I would instead like the performer to start only when the dispatcher has finished its work, so as to avoid pending jobs, how can I manage this?


You can try using start job instead of queue trigger. The start job activity can be placed at the wnd of dispatcher


start job manually you mean?

Hello @andreus91

Here another approach that you can try is by using a dummy queue. Create an another queue and when ever the uploading gets complete in the dispatcher as the last line, add an item to that dummy queue.

Your processor should invoke when a new item gets add to the dummy queue and use get queue item to get the items from the real queues and process them.



No There is an activity start job which you can use in the dispatcher to start the performer