Question about retry scope

Hi all,
my purpose is to close all the home page of my web app inside closeallapplication, i don’t know how many pages are opened (and if is open) so i think to manage that with a retry scope activity, my question is, what can i put inside the condition?
Because i need to close tab until at least a page is opened.
Thanks in advance

the retry scope activity has a different purpose.
closing the browser tabs is better to handle with detecting the browsers / attaching / close tab activity
in some cases it is done with combination of getProcessByName to detect if a browser is open or not

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My problem is: i can have 0 or at least ten browser on the same screen, and i need to close all the tabs, which is the best activity in this case?


You can use Kill Process activity to close all the tabs at once

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@proto As I understood from your Initial Post that you would want to close all Tabs/Windows except one. Is that right?

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Hi @supermanPunch
no, i need to close all the page, if exist, but these are the same page