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Hello everybody !

I need to know how to close a page that i open with the activity Open Browser, i’m using the activity Ui Automation Browser Close Tab, but when I write in Properties->Input->Browser the browser page that i want to close appear a compiler error and i can´t run it.
What can i do to solve this problem ?
i hope somebody can help me. Thanks.

Hi @silvina

When using the ‘Close Tab’ activity, I recommend placing it at the end of the ‘Attach Browser’ activity and leaving the ‘Browser’ input empty.

Let me know if this works or if you have scenario restrictions!

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Hi nlee1131,
no, that don’t work me.

Could you post the workflow you’re working on or at least a screenshot?

@nlee1131, yes , I send you my screenshot

Pon el Close Tab dentro de un Attach Browser, verificando que el BrowserType corresponda con el navegador que estas usando


For Open Browser Activity, create one browser variable and pass that variable into Close Tab Activity to close the browser. It will close particular page.

If you want to close entire browser then use Kill Process Activity and pass ‘process name’ as

IE browser - “iexplore”
Chrome - “chrome”


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Hello @silvina,

Crete the Browser variable in your ‘Open Browser’ activity. And then pass it to the ‘Close Tab’ activity.

If it is not working, then simply use ‘Send Hotkey’ activity with key of ‘Ctrl + F4’.

You can also use ‘Click Activity’ by indicating that x button in browser tab.

Hope it’s working.

Michael Udhaya


Let us assume that you 10 browser pages where 3 of them are dropbox page.

I am using a Try Catch activity where in the Try I placed an Attach Browser inside of it, I have a Close Tab activity.

How do I create a cycle to close all dropbox pages?

hi @Fer

put that try catch activity into the do while activity. And before place the Element Exists activity with selector of attach browser(Attach browser's selectors have title and url attributes). then place the If condition. if your element contains ‘drop box’ in the title or url then close it.

Micahel Udhaya

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