Question about Queue Triggers

Hi all, I have a question about Queue Triggers in Orchestrator in combination with ReFramework.

What will happen to the queue items if the process fails during the Init-state in ReFramework (for example due to downtime in a required application)? Will the process have to be manually restarted from Orchestrator at a later time?
If I’m using a Time Trigger (that triggers every hour for exapmle) then the queue-items will eventually be processed when the required application is available again. But what will happen to the queue items when I’m using a Queue Trigger?

Thank you in advance for all answers.

@ripers - When you are using queue trigger then you don’t have to scheduled your process in timely manner. Queue trigger will automatically get trigger when there is new item available in queue.

For you second question
What will happen to the queue items if the process fails during the Init-state in ReFramework (for example due to downtime in a required application) - It will mark that transaction as failed by application exception and will retry that transaction again.

if it fails again then it will mark as failed due to application exception, Where you can view that transaction and retry again. You can repeat this process until it mark as success.

Hi @sandipauti and thanks for your reply. I see that I perhaps formulated myself badly. Let me try to elaborate:

I have set up a process A that writes elements to Queue X. That is all this process does.
This process is triggered by a Time Trigger in Orchestrator.

Then I have process B that reads from Queue X using ReFramework.
This process is triggered by a Queue Trigger whenever a new item is added to Queue X. This works fine and the job for B starts as expected.

I’m also aware that the transaction will fail and retry (if set up with retry) and then fail with Application Exception.

What I meant was: in ReFramework (process B), then sometimes the Init-state will fail due to a temporary problem in a required application, and then go directly to End process, which means no Queue Items will be processed. When using a Time Trigger this is usually not a problem as by the next time the job triggers the problem will have solved itself.

So my question is: I assume I need to put in place some mechanisms to handle this? Start job manually if Init-state fails? What is the best way to handle these kind of scenarios?

Hope this was clearer.


Never mind, I did some testing and found out that if the process for some reason stops; then I have to manually restart it. But thanks for your time though.

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