QueueItem and First Run in Reframework


I have a question on ReFramework. I’m using queueitem as my transactionitem, i put my sequence on uploading my queueitem to orchestrator on the Initialization State First run, in case I encounter an error and I add a retry mechanism, will it upload again the queueitem since it will loop again to initialization state once it encounters system exception error?

Hi @Gus_Fring,

I’m sharing a sequence with you. With this sequence you can delete you queueItems from queue, if your previous queue is already filled. If you have any question, feel free to ask. (Dont forget to change GetQueueItem activity’s properties with get only new queue items.)

QueueLoadingTest.zip (105.2 KB)


Hi Gus Fring,

For queue items you can set retry as 1 in config excel file, everything is set in the ReFramework by default.

Thank You

Yes, items in the Init state are usually run multiple times if there is an error. But there is a way to have an item created only one time in the Init state. You could put that code somewhere like “First Init”, where it reads all the config files. That would mean your code would only create one queue item in the Init state.

@oscar so if I put my activity on that First Init or I think it’s First Run, it will not reupload my queue item if there’s an system exception?

hey you can try to upload the queue items in the first run itself. so if an exception occurs the queue will not be added again.

Also in intialization if a system exception occurs it will not retry it will directly go to end state.


Sreejith S S

Yes, that is correct. As long as you place the “Add Queue Item” activity in the right place.