Creating a variable but type not showing "generic value" by default

Complete UiPath RPA Developer Course: Build 7 Robots

SECTION 3 – Robot 1: Clothing consultant

I got two problems in Section 3.

Problem (1)

Chapter 29. Input dialog

I am creating variable listening to the lecture. I am following instructor step by step. When I created variable, the variable “type” is showing as string by default. It is expected to show Generic Value in default as per the instructor lecture. So, I did it manually to show variable type as Generic Value using drop down.

Please help me and tell me why I am not getting the variable type Generic Value by default. Why do I have to do it manually.
Aijaz (Student)

The recent versions of UiPath studio use String by default. The video is a bit out of date. If you really want a GenericValue datatype (the instructor will probably have you change this anyway), you can search for it under type UiPath.Core.GenericValue.


Thanks bro. Great help.

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