Question about "Get Test Data Queue Items" Activity

I have used “Get Test Data Queue Items” Activity to do testing. After finishing the testing process, queue items are not set as consumed. However, if I use “Get Test Data Queue Item” Activity to test only one transaction, the specific queue item will auto set to consumed after finishing the testing process. Why “Get Test Data Queue Items” Activity did not change the status to consumed? Also, is there any method to set the queue items to consumed while using “Get Test Data Queue Items” Activity?


  1. “Get Test Data Queue Items” Activity: When you use the “Get Test Data Queue Items” activity, it retrieves multiple queue items from the queue, usually for testing purposes. However, this activity does not mark the retrieved items as consumed automatically. It is designed this way so that you can perform multiple tests on the same set of queue items without changing their status in the queue.
  2. “Get Test Data Queue Item” Activity: On the other hand, the “Get Test Data Queue Item” activity is used to retrieve and process a single queue item from the queue. When you use this activity, the specific item you retrieved will be marked as consumed automatically. This behavior makes sense because you are likely using this activity to test a single transaction at a time, and once you have processed it, it makes sense to mark it as consumed.
  3. Setting Queue Items to Consumed: If you want to set the queue items to “Consumed” when using the “Get Test Data Queue Items” activity, you will need to do it explicitly in your automation process. After processing all the items retrieved using “Get Test Data Queue Items,” you can use the “Set Transaction Status” activity to mark them as consumed. The “Set Transaction Status” activity allows you to change the status of a transaction in the queue.

How to use set transaction status to change the queue item to consumed? This activity does not have any property for test queue item.


Apologies for the confusion. You are right; the “Set Transaction Status” activity is not used to change the status of a queue item in the Test Data Queue. It is typically used to update the status of a transaction item in the production queue

Please note that marking test data queue items as “Consumed” in testing is not a typical practice in RPA development. Test data queues are generally designed for testing purposes and should not be used as a mechanism to interact with production queues or affect their status.

If you need to test the behavior of the production queue, it is recommended to use a separate test environment with a dedicated test queue that mimics the production environment. This way, you can test without affecting the actual production data or queue items.

Always be cautious when performing tests on actual production data or queues to avoid unintended consequences and potential disruptions to business processes.

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