Question about excel

If I have template file (header) and file input have 4 file as below. (in example input have 2 files)

input1.xlsx (10.8 KB) input2.xlsx (10.8 KB) output.xlsx (10.6 KB) templete.xlsx (8.9 KB)

round1 :
I want to create new file by copy data from template file.
and read data from file input (row 8 - end) then write it in new file (row9 - end).

round2 :
read file input file2 (row 8 - end) and copy data from template file ----> create new sheet in file output round1.
Please guide me about it please.

Hii @fairymemay,

First copy the template file and name it as output file, then use balareva copy sheet activity(BalaReva Excel Package)
Then You can paste the data from input1 and input2 into two different sheet.
For that you can either use build data table and then using add data row you can add row data from input one and input two using for each row.

Or you can use datatable.defaultview.ToTable(False,“column1”,“column2”…)

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