Copy data from csv file and paste into excel template

For my project I need to copy data I downloaded from a csv file and paste it to the excel file starting in row 2. What steps would I do to complete this? Thanks!


  1. Read CSV using the “Read CSV” activity
  2. Save Output from Read CSV to a datatable variable, say “CSVDT”
  3. Use Excel “Write Range” activity and in the “Starting Cell” property, provide “A2”.
    (You will need to use “Excel Application Scope” and define which file you want to work with for Write Range)

That worked! Thank you! Now my next task is that daily my bot will be running to grab these reports from the new csv files made. I would need the bot to know to add the data to the next open cell. how would I manage to do that as a loop?

Use the “Append Range” activity - it will always add data after the last populated row.

Would there also be a way for me to keep my template file as a template and make a copy of it for the current month? For example, “invoice_template” to “currentmonth_Invoices” if that makes sense.

Yes, you can use the “Copy File” activity to make a copy of the template and rename the new (copied) file to what ever you like.