QUESTION: 5 Postponed Transaction Items with same Run Date .. is run order deterministic?

Curios if you have a queue with 5 transaction items each with a Postpone date which are identical - say 5pm. Call them items A, B, C, D, E and the transaction items are submitted in that order.

We use the REF format but we have it setup so that when the REF based workflow is triggered (via a queue-based trigger) it only gets a single transaction item and then gracefully completely and closes out.

When the REF workflow grabs a transaction item, is the order in which the all-have-the-same-Postponed-date transaction items were submitted (A, B, C, D, E) used in any manner for which transaction item the REF workflow grabs ?

Or, is it basically random which transaction item it ultimately grabs ?

The robot will visit the queue, have a look at the postponed date and time of transaction items there, if none of the transaction item crossed their postponed date and time, it will go back to sleep. If robot sees two transaction items have passed their postponed date and time, then it will pick up the first one out of those two, that means the item that entered the queue first as a postponed item.

Nothing is random. It is a Queue, first in first out (FIFO)

Hope that is helpful! Happy automating!!!

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