Query regarding Test Manager functions


What is the function of the prefix and why is it limited to 3 characters?

I see that the prefix is later used in the search function with UiPath Studio in Test Manager Settings, but is there anything in the background we should be aware of? We also know now that prefix has to be unique and two Test Automation (TA) projects cannot have similar prefixes.

It means that our assumed naming convention will not work

TA(first letter of the application)

What is the best practice here?

Thank you for your input.

Hello @jeevith ,

Prefix is just an identifier, you can put as Identified of your project. and this can’t be change latter.

This will Prepend with all your object Id of project once you create any object in project.


Hi @Arvind_Kumar1,

Thank you for the input.

True it’s an identifier, but why is it designed that way. In other words it is just a tag which is inherited by all children (requirement, test cases etc).

But I want to know why is it designed this way? What are the benefits for a CoE and how do we best use this function.

My concern is since it is immutable we need to know how we can use this effectively across all testing projects. This will avoid a lot of rework or regrets in the future.


Guess what this was a mistake and I will select you answer as the solution.

It is minimum 3 letter, I read it incorrectly. We can use more than 3 letters as the prefix!

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