5 Tips to Instantly Make Your Code Easy to Read and Easy to Maintain...!

UiPath Studio offers a comprehensive variable and argument management system. However, if used incorrectly, it can lead to confusion and mistakes… mistakes that can be simply avoided by sticking to some simple principles!
This video offers 5 easy-to-remember tips on variable management which you can implement right away!

Please share your own tips and tricks that you use for code optimisation. Which ones did I miss or get wrong? I’d love to learn from you!

As always, Happy Automation!


Hey @RPAForEveryone

@ 3 Mins. The ‘Ctrl + Space’ is a great tip. Use it all the time! Great to see it being shared in your video :slight_smile:

@ 6 Mins. I think whatever you use for variable prefixes, you/team just need to be consistent for the whole project.

Keen to see more videos from you Ash :blush:



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Thanks for the comment, @Steven_McKeering !

Yes, consistency for the whole project is very important!
Glad to see that you’re already using these tips!


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