Get Values of Rows in Lists of 2000

Hi Guys,

I’m new in Uipath and I have this problem:

I have one column with 150000 rows.
I’m gonna need to split in groups of 2000 to process them.

My idea has to get first 2000 and after process, delete them and get the next 2000, and so on… but I can’t do it… :frowning:

Can someone help me, please??

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Check below for your reference

This will take first 2000 rows and copy to dt datatable

As well as you can keep a list variable and make dt.AsEnumerable.Take(2000).ToList

Hope this may help you


Thanks for the reply @Srini84

It’s works very well to this first part.

But now how I can delete that rows and get the next 2000?

I’m gonna need some query with linq or there is an activity?


You can use as below


This will skip the first 2000 rows

Hope this may help you


I’m think I’m getting your point, but for some reason something still doesn’t work…

i’m gonna need to loop this right?
Can you check my idea if it’s correct
Main - Test.xaml (10.7 KB)
project.json (1.4 KB)


Can you add project.json file also to view your file without any issue


of course, added with main file

Hi @Luis_Clara

Please find the attached, I have just did for 2 rows of a data table and you can change accordingly
I have used do while loop and it will loop till you have data in the data table.
Please try and let me know if you need any changes

SkipFewLinesinDT.xaml (9.4 KB)

Hi @Luis_Clara

Updated your xaml file as well, Please look in to it and let me know if your requirement is met or not, and also if you need any changes

Main - Test.xaml (12.6 KB)

Hope this helps you


It’s working perfectly now :smiley: I have done some adjusts but it’s “alive” eheh
thanks a lot @vinithareddyk123 and @Srini84

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