Queries on process

I need to know two things anyone help me with this,

how i can change two of the entire data column in the excel to upper case by giving the column name

and the other question is

Eg: Excel data table of 6 Mail ids and the mail id’s are starts with “" underscore
now i need to remove the "
” before each and every Mail in the datatable
what i need to do ?
I am Fresher ,So Answer me accordingly

To change the column name you can read range from Excel and export to data table and after that use:
dataTableName.Columns(“Column name”).ColumnName = “new value”

For second question:

  1. You can use For Each Row activity to loop through all rows in Data Table
  2. Inside the loop please use Assign activity
    `CurrentRow.Item(“columnName”) = “new value”


Thank you @Techpriest