For each row in Excel file

I have an excel file - I would like the bot to for each row assign the cell in column a to a variable and the cell in column b to another variable. I am unsure how to configure the assign to achieve this?



use for each row in datatable

use two assign activities


columnname you can mention your column Names

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Hi @E.T.S

Please use the following approach:

Inside the For Each row activity, take 2 Assign activities:

columnAData = row("Column A Name").ToString

columnBData = row("Column B Name").ToString

In this way, you will have the column a value & column b value in every respective iteration.

Hope this helps,
Best Regards.

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Hi @E.T.S

  1. Use Read range activity to read the excel file and store it in the Datatable.

  2. Use For Each Row in Data Table activity and pass the datatable name.


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Thank you that solved it!

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Thank you everyone for your help!

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