Fastest way to write an excel formula into an entire column

I tried the hotkey method and doesn’t do what we need, in the excel formulas we are implementing we are calling other workbooks (e.g. =VLOOKUP(A3;‘C:\somerute[Another workbook.xlsx]sheet1’!$A$1:$I$4097;9;0)). For some reason it only shows the value of the previos cell in the same workbook and not the one that we are looking for. I made a gif to make it more visual:

With the Datatable method, we tried both “Write Range” activities (Excel App Scope and Workbook) and with the Excel one it throws the error “Range does not exist”, with the Workbook one it paste the formula as a string (based on this).

For the “range does not exist error” I tried this and it does not work at all.

Please we need to solve this issue, your help is much appreciated.

@vvaidya @acaciomelo