Automation for Pulling logs from Orhestrator and append it to excel

Hi Team,

We have a requirement where one new bot should pull logs for other 2 bots after execution and stores the jobs and log details in shared drive and append to weekly/monthly logs, just wanted to check if this is feasible and which we are doing manually now and want to automate with a new bot which should do all these activities.

Team, could you please help with this query


You can leverage this api to get the logs based on process name and other filters as you need

Then can be a nice start point


is it something the new bot will use this API to pull logs of other 2 bots which will be in the same cloud orchestrator ?

cant it be just opening the on the robot machine and click logs filters and merge it to the master log file ?

need some clarification please

If you wanted to, you could do UI Automation to log into Orchestrator, go to Jobs, View Logs, etc and download them, then read the downloaded file and merge.

But the API would be simpler. The Orchestrator HTTP Request activity would mean in a single step you get the log data you want. Deserialize the JSON into a datatable and write to Excel.


Yes new bot will use api and get the data

Ui automation also would work…but it is not recommended that to on orchestrator …

Using orchestrtaor http request you can easily and through backend get the required data