UiPath Orchestrator (on prem) API request to extract logs


I am trying to figure out how to extract logs from Orchestrator (on prem) through the API activities. We have tried using both the orchestrator API and the HTTP request activities, but we end up getting error codes 0 and/or 1000. We have done some research and also sent in a ticket to UiPath’s technical support team. Has anyone else been having difficulties with this? Specifically, we are trying to pull the log messages from orchestrator, which is quite a bit of data. Our initial assumptions have been that there is too much data being requested or our Virtual Machines are interfering with the connection to Orchestrator.


The return 0 is usually a timeout, which might mean your are really requesting a lot of data and timing out the API before it can return.
Have you tried making a request with filters to restrict the amount of data being returned? In this way at least you could confirm if your problem comes from the amount of data.

I don’t have access to my company’s Orchestrator right now, but I have seem a bot that generates loads of logs, and in the Orchestrator there was a warning that only the X most recent messages would be returned (I don’t remember how much X was, but it has high).
Perhaps you have surpassed such limit and the API call gets stuck.

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Thanks for the response Lucas. This is highly appreciated. I do not think we have tried limiting the number of logs we get. Ideally, we would just want to pull the latest log message. Can this be done through the API? I do not see a setting that allows us to choose the number of log messages returned.

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Hey @nico.marucchi

Try the below please…

You can use query params to customize as required.


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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Cool @nico.marucchi :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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