Publishing Error - could not find file

Dears, good morning! How can I fix the error that follows in print, error happens when the robor will run in production environment.

an error appeared while executing vitallis_Developer
Error message: could not find file ‘C:users\aec.uipath.nuget\packages\vitllis\1.0.4\lib\net45\Main.xaml’.

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Do your user (on which Studio/Robot is running) have privileges to this folder. Please also check if package has been downloaded to that location properly from Orchestrator.

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Dears, good morning! Can someone help me with the error that occurs when trying to start the robot via Orchestrator.
Following error message below.

An error appeared while executing VITALLIS_Developer
Error menssage: Could not find file ‘C:\Users\aec.uipath.neget\packages\VITALLIS\1.0.5\lib\net45\Main.xaml’.

Please see my post above:


I merged your two posts as they seem to be about the same issue.

As to the solution, it is most likely do to the robot user not having rights to write to the location specified in the error message.

My profile has access to the folder, since I have already published other robots, only this one has this message.

Please try to remove that package from orchestrator and mentioned location and try to public and configure package once again in Orchestrator.

Also, now that you say other projects are working, I would try to see what is different about this particular one.

Are you referencing any folders/files within the project? If so, the paths to those folders/files might be wrongly specified.

It would be nice to see some screenshots.

Im facing the same issue right now, how did you manage to solve it? (If you did)


I faced this issue this morning as well.
It was due to the fact that the pocess hasn’t a xaml file set Main.

Each process should have a xaml file set as Main which is Main.xaml by default except if you deleted it.

You can set an other one manually. It should be in bold after.


Hope it helps


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