Publishing A Process Fails With Response Status Code Does Not Indicate Success 500 Internal Server Error

Resolution for publishing a process into Orchestrator hosted on Azure fails with error "Response status code does not indicate success: 500 (Internal Server Error)".

The following scenario is specific to an Azure PaaS Orchestrator setup.

The error occurs when publishing any type of process to Orchestrator, regardless if the process has a plain LogMessage activity or activities interacting with Orchestrator objects.

Error Message:

Root Cause: The above error can be caused by various issues with Orchestrator, but we will only address a specific one in this article: The lack of storage space.


Access Kudu (to access Kudu, add "scm" in between the Orchestrator name and the azurewebsites part of the URL. Example: and make sure that there is available storage space on the destination you're trying to publish to.

If there is no more space available, clear some data to free up space or expand the storage. Once sufficient space becomes available, the publishing works.