Publish to Orchestrator Error: Publish of Process project to Orchestrator failed. The operation has timed out

I was able to publish the Dispatcher project, but the Performer project fails with a timeout error. I have checked the project.json that the Main.xaml is named correctly, I also changed the number of arguments allowed to see if this was the issue, but still failing. None of the Forum solutions I have found seem to have addressed the problem.

@ChrisC Maybe the Whole Project Folder that you wish to publish has the file size greater than the limit provided for publishing. Can you check the Project Folder Size?

Hi @ChrisC,

Please check the whether the Project Version with the Orchestrator Process (Version).

The versions are the same.

Good suggestion. I will have a look. Will revert tomorrow.

@ChrisC, and if the size is bigger, first navigate to the screenshot folder and delete all the screenshots, and if you are working with files or images, make sure you move the folder with the files and images out of the project folder.

and also check the below, for further size issue debugging:

Yes, you were right. Many iterations of development, test runs left a lot of screenshots in two directories. Many thanks!


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