Publish packages - cannot connect to packages feed the deployment settings may be invalid

Hi all,

has someone ever experienced with this error?


While trying to upload a package in an other environment it gives back that error, while in another environment it works fine. How could this happen?

thanks in advance for the help

the versions of orchestrator are the same, of course


Did the permissions changed after installing the Orchestrator, make sure you have the same permissions on both Orchestrators the one that is working and the one that is not, check permissions in and outside of the Orchestrator, otherwise I think the installation might be corrupted

Another question, are you pointing to the default UiPath package location or did you set up a different location for this Orchestrator?

Where can I check this permissions?

Thanks in advance,

Hi! I am getting the same …did you solve your issue?

I had the same issue but then I managed to resolve it. The reason for the error was that there was another package previously uploaded of the same version name. So I deleted the old one and then was able to upload this new version. Probably, there are many other reasons to display this error but my error was because the older version with the same version name.