Prompts for confirmation before downloading though I disabled in browser settings

I have developed a process in UiPath Studio which involves logging into a designated website, downloading a CSV file, and utilizing the “Click” activity to trigger the download. To handle the download, I’ve included the “Wait for Download” activity and designated a storage location for the downloads. Additionally, in the Chrome browser settings, I have disabled the “Ask before downloading” option. Despite these measures, there is a discrepancy in behavior: on some systems, the download is automatically initiated upon clicking the download button, while on others, the browser still prompts for confirmation. I’m seeking insight into the underlying reasons for this inconsistency

The inconsistency in the behavior of the “Click” activity when downloading files across different systems can be attributed to several factors:

  1. Browser version: Different systems might have different browser versions installed. Some older versions of Chrome may not have the same features or might behave differently when handling downloads, which can impact your UiPath process.
  2. Browser settings: Although you have disabled the “Ask before downloading” option on some systems, the settings might not be similar across all systems. Ensure that all systems are configured with the same settings, especially those related to downloads.
  3. Extension settings or conflicting extensions: If systems have different extensions and settings, they can interfere with your UiPath process. Verify if any extension might be causing the download prompt, and make sure the required settings are consistent across systems.
  4. UiPath activities’ versions: Double-check the versions of each UiPath activity (e.g., “Click” and “Wait for Download”) being used in your process and ensure they are up to date. Make sure to use the same versions in all systems to prevent inconsistencies.
  5. System permissions and anti-virus settings: Ensure that system users have the necessary permissions to download and save the file to the designated location. Additionally, check if any anti-virus settings may be causing the download prompt.

To solve the issue, verify and synchronize the differences in browser versions, settings, extensions, UiPath activities’ versions, and system permissions across all systems. This should help streamline the download process and avoid the inconsistency you’re experiencing.


  1. Check Chrome Settings: Ensure that the “Ask before downloading” option is consistently disabled on all systems where you are running the UiPath process. You can manually verify this setting in Chrome’s advanced settings.
    Test Browser Versions: Check the versions of Google Chrome installed on the systems. If possible, try to keep them up-to-date to ensure consistent behavior.

Yeah I made sure that the option "ask before downloading " is disabled across all the systems and the browser is up to date

Check if the browser extension has the same setup.


same configuration even my chrome setting posses but still popup comes before downloading

Check if you can change or create the browser profile. It seems you have different profiles (maybe Incognito).

so are you asking me to create a new profile and test it

Just add a new one.
Close the browser and reopen it.

Also, check if the browser policies are the same on the machines.

Is there any workaround I can create that handles both the situations like when ask for the download location or doesn’t popup and downloads in default location ? like can I use check app state activity here ?

@Sreeja_Chilumukuri , Did you ever figure out anything more on this issue? I had this issue, randomly, on many machines since the Chrome version updated starting in about May 2023. My workaround was to use the “chrome://flags” settings to disable all the “download bubble” stuff. Once that was set, downloads no longer prompted for a save location on the affected machines. However, starting with the Chrome 119 update that seems to have happened 10/31/2023, these machines are back to prompting, the chrome flags relating to “bubble downloads” are gone, and I’m looking for a new workaround. I did find that Edge seems to play nice with setttings for download/prompt, but Chrome does not. It seems that Chrome is happy to have a buggy version where the “prompt for download” setting does not work.

A little more information on the latest state of “downloads” with Chrome 119: After some trial and error, I figured out that Chrome 119 appears to always prompt for the download location now in all Incognito sessions. In non-Incognito sessions, it behaves according to the “ask before download” setttings. Chrome 119 also does indeed completely do away with the Download Bar in favor of the Download Bubble. Edge has had Download Bubble for a long time. Interestingly, Edge does not always prompt for download location in Incognito like Chrome now does. Hope this is useful.