Project won't publish because of a deleted workflow


I am trying to publish a process on orchestrator, however it is blocking me during compilation because of a workflow that doesn’t exist anymore. I deleted the SAP_DownloadDocuments, it doesn’t appear in my project files either

Also when I run it on studio it works fine and doesn’t give me this compilation error

Is there a “clean” or something I need to do somewhere ?

Hey @adext are you sure you haven’t invoked the deleted xaml file in your project.

Please check that

Sreejith S S

Hi @adext

please check whether you have all the xaml’s that are used in the project are available or not


hello, yes i am sure the second one doesn’t exist anywhere

the second one is deleted and doesn’t exist anywhere

Hi @adext

Then remove the invoked xaml from your workflow.


there is no workflow to remove it from… it doesn’t exist. that’s the issue

Hi @adext

Is the first xaml still there in your project?


the first one exists - it was just renamed, the second one doesn’t exist anymore. i deleted it

Hi @adext

Please check the first xaml is being called from the second xaml so try to change the flow accordingly.


i deleted the second xaml. it doesn’t exist anymore

Hi @adext

There is an issue with the xaml only. If possible can you share your workflow ?



Try to open the xaml which is present and check each invoke workflow activity once again

Also try deleting then .local folder and reopen the project and check

Also check the commented out code part also if there is any invoke workflow you have commented out where the deleted workflow is invoked


You could try to search for references to the deleted workflow with Notepad++'s “Find in files” feature.