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Hello, I am currently learning RPA automation from the RPA Foundation Training from Ui Path Academy…so for the RPA Associate exam … Products include:
UiPath Studio version 2021.10, UiPath Robots version 2021.10,UiPath Orchestrator version 2021.10 …I am currently using UiPath Studio version 2023.6.1(community)…and downgrading the dependencies packages version to 21.**… but sometimes the activities have different name or some different functionality. So are there any fixed packages versions that will benefit me to learn better or I am doing something wrong… please do help me in this matter. Thanks in advance.

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If you want to practice on same dependency version then select the version accordingly.


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The Studio and package versions are not related to each other. You need to look at the specific version of each package that’s used in the lesson, and install that version to your project. Studio being 2021.10 doesn’t mean you use packages with versions of 21.10

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Hi @Shreyas_Khorgade

It’s not a matter what package that you are using in the Studio. The versions of studio and packages will update every time. In this updates some of the names and properties of activities will change. But there is no change in functionality of the activity. In UiPath academy they will tell you the activities that activities available in present version also but the name will change and some of the properties of the activity will change we have to update with it.

The UiPath academy videos are created in older versions of packages, those activities are available in studio but with different names only. No need to downgrade the Packages to use the same activities just search for that activity in activities panel.

Hope it helps!!

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