Can any one Explain me Start version to lateest version

Hi team

I would like to know how many versions are there till now for UIPATH and explain to me what are the major differences that happened in different versions to date.


Hi @sngoud9094,
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Actually we are constantly working on delivering the best RPA applications we can. If you mean our main application which is Studio then there are 3 main versions. Studio Enterprise (Studio and Studio Pro) - which is focused on stable and tested packages for enterprise customers and environments with additional Technical Support. StudioX - delivers core of RPA possibilities for people who are not familiar with programming and would like to automate their work as well. Studio Community Edition - which is free version of our tool where you will learn and work with full RPA experience (the only limitation is with number of given licenses and limitations for commercial use - this you can read on our website

More details about this you can read here: