Project Management Training

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Do we have any training course available in UiPath Academy on Project Management ??

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@palaniyappan Any idea?

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Yah we have some courses on Business analyst and Solution Architect with specific role based RPA COURSES that describes about how the project will be managed and RPA is implemented, in our academy

Cheers @kgmaheshwari

Hello @kgmaheshwari ,

As added by @Palaniyappan Uiath offers some great courses on RPA Business Analyst Foundation and for Architects. Explore their wide range for courses here

But if you are looking for courses primarily focused for project managers and PMOs, I would like to recommend sites which are relevant to Project Management niche and are into PMP certification training services.

Reference - Udemy, Simplilearn, Unichrone, GreyCampus.

Hope this helps you.


Keep exploring your options and best of luck with your learning journey!

UiPath Academy entails, RPA courses being the major one among them. Also, training on the UiPath platform is a common topic under their offered curriculum. Even though they provide dozens of assets for creating RPA system, running it, and managing it, they do not focus seriously on project management.

Nevertheless if you’re interested in Project Management Certification, it’s worth looking into Edureka’s PMP Certificate Training Programme. This course has been designed to parallel with the PMP exam and aid full-fledged professionals in clearing the test smoothly. Through thorough content of project management theories, tricks and tools connected with PMBOK Guide, Edureka’s PMP course provides practical lessons by qualified instructors, case studies and materials for self-study which are meant to support you along the way of PMP certification. This alternative provides users with a great opportunity in the areas of complex and refined project management as well as career development.