Project cannot be published

Here is the error message ,Can someone help me out with solution


@Kishore2, Can you please provide some more details? Actual error message, Screenshot of activity that is throwing the error should be helpful.

Basically its restricting you to publish your workflow since it has some error within your workflow. Identify the activities that is throwing this error and try to resolve it before publishing.

Rammohan B.

if the workflow that has validation errors doesn’t appear under the project tab in studio, check the folder where all the files for this project are and look for hidden files. it happened to me too. i wasn’t able to publish the project because there was a hidden file, not visible in the project, that had validation errors.

Thank you I have got the solution

Hi Guys, I am facing the same problem but unable to get the solution. I can run the project and able to get the output, but unable to publish and unable to view the nupkg packages in programdata. hence i am unable to view the uipath robot. Can somebody help

State Machines.xaml (6.3 KB)

@ramkrishna2k3 hey Ram,
Close your UiPath Studio and delete your .Jason file in the UiPath folder where main.xaml exists. Double click your main.xaml file and it will open in UiPath Studio.
By doing this process your UiPath Studio will generate new .Jason file which contain all package information for project publish.

Give a try and hope it will work.

One more point → you have validation errors.

Some times you may generated duplicate variables in different scopes… that will generate errors and it won’t allow you to publish in that case… please check once.

I can run the program and able to get the output, here i am attaching the ss and also i found that i am not having a package in C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages,

with conflicted variables with warnings messages you can run the bot and get the output but you can’t publish.
Please try to follow my inputs… and let me know if you still facing issues.

Sorry to say (Please try to follow my inputs… and let me know if you still facing issues), But where is your input.

Please have a look… :slight_smile:

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