Profile Broke!?

What the hell is going on with UI Path web login profile whatever its called… its not the same as before, when i logon i get this… Screenshot attached, my course wont load when i click on it, if that even is my course i was doing… i dont know anymore, it says revamped and it didn’t before… in which case shouldn’t i be given instructions on whats going on.

I’ve no idea whats going on and it wasn’t anything like this before when i logged on…


Everything is fine for me.

Please, could try to login using this link:


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thanks for reply, still wont load my friggin training… i click on level 1 “revamped” as i assume thats the one i was doing… i cant remember 100% but i dont remember seeing the word revamped…

I’ve just seen countless other people in the forum that have the same issue? when are we supposed to be back up?

this is frustrating!!!

We will do the best to solve this :slight_smile:

In the meanwhile could you send to us a screenshot of the web browser console to see if there something wrong?

@loginerror do you know if this is a known issue?


Hi @fletchy8888

There was a performance issue and it was being handled.
The Academy should be recovering soon.

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Use the mentioned link ( to access your courses.
If you still have issues, raise a ticket here.
Andra T.
UiPath Academy Team

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Ok, thanks, here is the screenshot of console requested, let me know if thats the wrong thing…