Production & Non-Production Orchestrator Packages Integration


At the moment we have two Orchestrators installed. One Production and one Non-Production. Packages are published from the Studio to the Non-Production Orchestrator as usual. In order to bring packages into production we now have to download the package from the Non-Production Orchestrator en and upload them manually to the production Orchestrator.

This is a logical flow but I was wondering if there is a possibility to automate the second part of this flow. Can something be set up to automatically upload packages from a certain Shared Folder to the Production Orchestrator ?
The idea would be to only download the packages from the Non-Production Orchestratror to a shared folder manually and then they would be uploaded automatically to the Production Orchestrator.

Any help is appreciated !

I was thinking like that but automatically deploy into Production is not recommended because it needs many approvals. so the manual is the best solution right now.