Processes don't load in uipath studio

Hi everyone

I have a problem opening a process in uipath
studio 2020.3.0 - beta .84

this is the uipath study that I downloaded on another computer

in this study I did a process that I cannot open with the personal uipath of my pc
this is his version
studio 2020.2.0 - beta .108

I cannot open processes from the most recent uipath in my personal uipath and vice versa

Is there a way to solve that, if I update my uipath it will be solved, and in what way I update it if that is the solution

thank you very much I hope you can help me

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@borismh What is the error that you get when you try to open the process?

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@borismh - if a process developed/designed in higher version will not be compatible in lower version. You can update your studio version with equal/latest and try.

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it stays in acquiring dependencies, from there it does not leave it does not enter the workspace