Process of deployment / Publish UI Path projects

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I am new in Ui path, recently completed Ui path Foundation, Orchestrator training and developing small codes on my personal machine. I have few concerns, it would be great if any one can help me.

  • As a UI path developer and organization perspective what is the procedure to deploy UI path projects (For client & other users use ).

  • What other things are require to learn in Ui path for end to end knowledge which can help me to move in Ui path.
    Thank you

this could resume the procedure to deploy Ui Path projects. For more details, see the business analyst course at uipath academy.

You should complete uipath advanced training present in the academy, after that try and get your certification. After that, the possibilities are limitless.

Thanks Robert21,
What is the role of Production server is it different from Orchestrator ?

I belive the production server is the actual server where the process is run after deployment. Orchestrator has role in monitoring, scheduling, etc. and it can and most likely will be used during all phases of the project.