How to use the Uipath developed project


I’m new to Uipath and RPA. I’m learning the RPA from uipath trial version. I wanted to know how we use a project after developed through Uipath.
Is it possible to deploy the Uipath process in client server after developing it in other system?
when we write a file to a directory, we give the path in the write text file task (ex: c:\Downloads\Abc.txt). Whether we need to specify the client directory in this format or do we have any other way without specifying the client directory in this format?

The reason behind the question is, I will be providing a test directory when i develop the process, but after the development client might ask to change to any other directory. So whether I need to change the directory path each time when they ask or do we have any other way to do this.


Hi @sreeprasad.
For the deployment process , take a look on this.

But before you have to get the knowledge about Uipath.


Thank you Bala.

I will go through this.

Do you have any test cases related to finance process? Could you please let me know how we can convert the currency based on today’s value in Uipath?