Process Mining Automation Cloud - Is Automation Potential is available with PM app v23.4?

Hello UiPath Team, Is Automation Potential available with PM app v 23.4?

And if yes, is there any way to see the reflection of Data in it, as I am trying to upload Automation_estimates_raw.csv (with sample data) file with ‘Upload Data’ option of PM app, however it’s not showing any result in PM app, Automation Potential window is still blank.

Please suggest.

Hey Nisha,

Automation_estimates are part of the transformation files. You can Export transformations, edit the Automation_estimates_raw.csv and then Import transformations again.


Thanks @Martijn_Wijffelaars again for your valuable input, yes I am following the same, have added sample data in my Automation_estimates_raw.csv file, have uploaded the same in my PM app, attaching file and screen shot for reference.

Also tried to execute it with ‘dbt build’ command, it is successful as well, data is reflected in SQL as well, but no data in PM app, please have a look and suggest me.

Many thanks!

Hi @nisha.sonawane , do you have an ‘Automated’ field present in your event log data? It needs to have a boolean value for the events. If not, the dashboard will not appear.

Hello @Rachel_Wong, thanks for comment umm no it was not set to True, I have tried to set it true with SQL and imported Transformations again, still can not see any Data.

Am I missing anything? or where should I exactly set this Automated field value?

Can you try reuploading your data (not transformations) with ‘Automated’ in your event log?

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Thank you so much @Rachel_Wong , yes now tried to add ‘Automated’ column in my Event_Logs csv file with value as ‘True’ and imported the same and it worked for me.

Thanks a lot!

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