Process Mining Cloud

I want to use Process Mining in Automation Cloud. I received a license and added Process Mining service to the Automation Cloud. But what I need to do next, what additional software should I install? How do I access the Superadmin page?

Hey Liza, the next step would be to give users access to the Process Mining service. Then, these users should see the Process Mining button in the list of UiPath products they have access to.


Thanks for the answer
I’m currently the only user of this service and have already set up access. I can create applications
However, before developing the application, I need to extract and transform the data. Is this also done from the automation cloud? Do I need additional development environments?

That depends on the type of data you want to load. If you have an event log readily available you can upload it in the product and use it.

If you want to set up a direct connection to source systems and write custom transformations for that, then you can use Theobald Xtract Universal for extraction data from SAP, and CData Sync for direct connections to other source systems. See

For writing custom transformations, you can export/import the SQL files from the app and edit them locally. We are targeting next Month for the release of an inline editor to do that inside the product.

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Now I understand. Thank you very much for your reply
I’m taking the Process Mining Developer Foundation course and I’m wondering about a lot of things, software in particular. There is a Superadmin page for working with data, but it seems that it is only for Automation Suite, the Automation Cloud works differently