Process inventory, meta data, application dependency

Hello All -
Very new to UiPath and RPA as whole. I am interested to know how organizations go about tracking processes and the applications they use. For example process A is available to run on robot A,B,C, is scheduled to run 9am 7 days a week, and utilizes SFDC, Oracle CRM, and SAP data services. Is there a capability within the orchestrator that captures this?

Any pointers or links is greatly appreciated.

Apologies if this is a duplicate but I was unable to identify an existing post for this topic.

Thanks in advance

This is just from my experience, but I don’t think you can capture this directly. There are ways you can do this though.

For example, you can capture the selector of a window (during a process) and extract the application then store this information into a text file or something, and only keep the unique apps (no duplicates) or even count how many times they are used.

It’s not something I have pursued myself, yet, but I could see this being used by some groups for various reasons.

Hi Clayton -
Thank you for the reply and the creative thinking. I will be considering it.

If others have thoughts I would appreciate any alternative suggestions.