Filter on Applications Used

Clients may have dozens of CoE entries that are live interfacing with various applications. How do we know which applications are being utilized across processes?

There doesn’t seem to be any quick way to filter and determine which processes are interacting with a specific application. I would want to filter against applications to maybe see if there is an existing process utilizing an application (potential duplicate). An analyst might also want to determine if there are potential reusabilties from an existing process.

Any thoughts?

May we ask you on some Sample Data and if possible some description on expected Output. A less general Case description helps US to Design a specific solution approach. Thanks

We need some type of results matrix that at a minimum we can export into a CSV and perform our own filters.

RPA CoE’s and business teams always have resource changes and after a period of time people will need some type of map/matrix to determine what applications are utilizing or impacted by RPA. This will help for future scale and to avoid duplication of effort.

Search Filter = (APP#) (allow for multiple selections)

Results = All processes that have (APP#)

Otherwise, tagging processes with Application names is sort of useless, unless we managed another 3rd party master list/matrix which would be redundant.