Process finished due to no more transaction data Practic 2

carry out “Walkthrough – Calculate Client Security Hash”
I stopped at the moment when the transaction is being checked, I do not know why, but only one transaction is extracted and everything, one WIID is output in the console and then it outputs

Hi @andrey-mironov-96,

Reset you test data.

Request you to search forum, there are numerous posts about this.


I before I wrote to the forum checked similar topics, checked them for compliance, checked for similar errors, did not find anything similar

Okay. Lets debug step by step with slow speed and see where it is failing.

Log messages in the end and start of every workflow invoked.


I looked at it all over again, I output the results to the console, initially I got 129 tuples, after sampling them was 19, but for some reason the program runs through this condition only once, i.e. can where that it is necessary to increase the counter or still something, for the subsequent processing that was not mentioned in practice, since before the condition and after in_TransactionNumber = 1

I found a bug in the Process file, I also had to change the type to DataRow, but the error is the same, he writes that “The process is completed due to the lack of transaction data” and goes to the “No Data” block and closes the program, although all 19 of them 19 transactions he processed

It happens and this means you are getting the data but program is not able to complete the flow because of some exceptions might be in Process.xaml