Process Faulted With Error #1680

Error fix for Robot job process faulting with error #1680.

Error Description: The error #1680 translates to a generic Orchestrator error code: JobExecutionFaulted.

One scenario where the #1680 error can appear is when Unattended Robots are trying to start after being triggered or manually started from Orchestrator. Failure is immediate with nothing being written to the Job Log. Since the error is generic, it is not limited to just this scenario.

Resolution: Check the following

  1. Ensure the Machine login credentials in the Robot setup are still valid.
  2. Verify the directory defined in %userprofile%/.nuget is accessible by the Robot / User.
  3. Verify the Certificate thumbprint is configured correctly in appsettings.production.json file.
  4. Make sure the Robot user has the Robot Role assigned
  5. Login to Orchestrator > Tenant > Folders > Click on Test Folder > See if the user is added into the Folder(if not please add) > Make sure Robot Role is provided.
  1. Login to Orchestrator > Tenant > Users > Click on More Actions for the Robot user > Edit > User Details > Roles > Check if Robot Role is added(if not please add) > Click Update.

If none of these checks help to resolve the issue, then share the following information:

  1. Are the affected Robots installed in user mode or service mode?
    1. Reproduce the issue and share with below logs:
    2. IIS logs from Orchestrator machine in folder %SystemDrive%\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\
    3. Execution logs from Robot machine in folder %LocalAppData%\UiPath\Logs\xxxx-xx-xx_Execution.log
  2. Event Viewer Logs of both Robot and Orchestrator
    1. Refer How to get Application Logs from the Event Viewer
  3. Screenshot of the Job Details with the error from one that has been manually started.


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