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I have four independent jobs in Orchestrator. They have 12 triggers to go off at separate times throughout the day. I noticed that if one fails, the message box will appear, but the following process(s) will not launch after one fails because of that message box. Or maybe another reason? Any insight here? How can I make it so that if one process fails, the others will still launch?

Hey @Primal , Can you send details of the error message? is it an error in the orchestrator or in the application?

I don’t have a picture of the details to elaborate on, but it will fail to hit a button in the process. This then pops up the error message that it failed on that part of the process. You can then retry or end the process. That screen stays up and prevents the other processes from triggering. @pradumn30

Hey @Primal, seems like the error message box is keeping the BOT “busy” with that process because of which other processes are not able to run! The screenshot would have been helpful in understanding if it is a BOT generated message, or a system generated error message.

In case it is a BOT generated message box, make sure to replace any “message box” in code with “log message” inside Try-catch activity. This should let your workflow close normally with proper log.

In case it is a system generated message, please handle it in code by closing the system message.

Also, not a best practice, but you can set the process to be killed automatically in the orchestrator trigger as shown below.

@pradumn30 This was beneficial information. I do have one follow-up question. Where do you find the Try-Catch activity? Where can the log message be altered? You may have answered this already, but I don’t understand how to get to that section.

Hey @Primal, you should check if there is any “message box” activity in your code. If yes, please replace it with “Log message” activity.
image image

Also, you should keep any failure prone code inside the Try block of the Try-Catch activity. More information can be found here about this activity: Try Catch (


Ahh, ok, thank you for that information. Is Try Catch a downloadable package since it doesn’t exist in my activities? I have message box but not a log box or try-catch. @pradumn30

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